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Beer glasses

Drink your favorite beer in style from our affordable and jazzy JoyJolt beer glass collection.

Our carefully selected glasses improve your beer-drinking experience and make great gifts for friends and loved ones who truly appreciate the pleasure of drinking beer from the right glass.

At JoyJolt we take pride in the range and style of our beer glass new arrivals. Our glasses have been chosen for all tastes and preferences and for every beer enthusiast, from casual drinkers to beer connoisseurs. From pint beer glasses to pilsner beer glasses and craft beer glasses, we want to lift your mood and make your drinking experience a pleasure to remember and share. This is why our glasses come in sets of 4 or 6: because beer is meant to be shared and enjoyed.

What Makes a Great Beer Glass?

The shape of the beer glass

The shape of a craft beer glass is perfect for highlighting the rich aromas of beer. For example, a wide-mouthed glass allows for a fuller aroma while a narrower opening can concentrate the aroma. Some beer glasses from our JoyJolt beer glass collection have been designed with a tapered top to trap and concentrate the beer's aroma, delivering it right to your nose.

The thickness of the beer glass

The material and thickness of the glass can help keep the beer at the ideal temperature for longer. Beer should be enjoyed cold and refreshing. A quality beer glass, such as a beer can glass, keeps your beer cooler for longer, which is especially important for certain styles like lagers or pilsners.

Stylish beer glasses

Watch the bubbles rise and the foam head settle as you pour your beer into one of our JoyJolt pint-glass beer collections. Make the act of drinking beer not just about taste but also about presentation and how good it looks.

Collectible beer glasses

Some beer glasses can be particularly special due to their collectibility. We all have our favorite beer glass and our JoyJolt selection is meant to grow your beer glass collection at home.

For example, you can now enjoy your beer the Star Wars™ way, as JoyJolt carries Star Wars™ beer glasses. They have been hand-drawn with iconic Star Wars™ characters and are stylish and jazzy. No Star Wars™ fan can truly claim to be a buff of the series without these beer glasses!

Our JoyJolt Beer Glass Collection

Our collection features everything from classic pint glasses, perfect for a wide array of beers, to specialized options like stout glasses, designed to enhance the aromatic profiles of richer beers without needing to visit the bar.

Have you thought about how can-shaped tumblers make awesome beer glasses? They are cute and fun, and double as a flexible highball glass. Use them for your beer as they are beer-shaped and hold a pint of beer. They come in a set of 6, so there are plenty to go around during parties and get-togethers. Also, they are dishwasher safe, which means fewer household chores for you!

The Calleen beer glass set of 4 has the most perfect beer glass shape. Nothing says “cheers” at the end of a hard day like a drink with friends. These glasses are sturdy and dishwasher-safe. They are also freezer-safe, which means you can store them in your freezer and take them out right before you open your beer can. 

Classical and elegant, Grant beer glasses make great presents for you and your friends. They are sturdy and no-spill and will easily hold your pint. They are dishwasher and freezer-safe, so keep them in your freezer until right before you open your can of beer.

Finally, our Tools Collection single beer mug is the epitome of beer drinking in absolute style. The handle is comfy and sturdy and is tightly screwed to the glass so you know it will hold. This beer mug is durable, full, and large enough to hold your favorite beer.

Explore JoyJolt Beer Glass Collection

Explore our best-selling beer glass collection and find the perfect beer glass to match your beer-drinking style. Thanks to our affordable prices and gift card options, you can easily buy a set for your friends or a housewarming party: nobody will say “no” to an awesome and quality set of beer glasses from JoyJolt.

Follow us on Instagram for exclusive updates and special offers, and check out our beer glasses’ rave reviews from satisfied customers who have already elevated their drinking experience with the help of our exceptional customer service.

Start shopping today and make every sip a celebration with JoyJolt. Remember, at Joy Jolt’s online shop, you have a wide range of options at an affordable price — from cocktail glasses and whiskey glasses to wine glasses and numerous handy stainless steel tumblers. You can easily explore our collections using filters like "new to old", "old to new", or “shop by brand”, making it effortless to treat yourself or your loved ones to quality glassware.

Cheers to joyous moments! 

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