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Our JoyJolt double old-fashioned glass tumblers blend classic sophistication with contemporary style. These crystal tumblers are the perfect quality gift to your loved ones or yourself or as a gift to a new friend. Use them for whiskey but also for other drinks and juices. Whiskey tumbler glasses are at a great price and look stylish in any setting.  

Perfectly Designed Double Tumblers

The weight and balance of these crystal whiskey glasses are perfected to fit comfortably in your hand and improve your drinking experience. The thick base optimizes stability and adds a luxurious heft while the generous size is ideal for serving a range of classic cocktails, from a smooth whiskey on the rocks to a carefully prepared Old Fashioned. 

The basketball base makes these tumblers unique and interesting and suitable for both casual evenings and formal gatherings. The philosophy behind JoyJolt is that beautiful products should be enjoyed every day and the Swish Double Tumbler lives up to our expectations. 

Practical and Durable

These whiskey tumblers are timeless, durable, and most of all made from lead-free crystal. They are fridge-safe and strong so they can remain part of your glassware collection for years to come. We suggest you hand wash your whiskey tumbler for better care. Also like our champagne flutes, beer glasses, wine glasses, wine decanters, or shot glasses, crystal glasses for whiskey are a classic and sophisticated item in your glassware collection.

An Ideal Gift to Loved Ones or Yourself

Ideal as a gift for the connoisseur, for Valentine’s Day, or choosing a selection for your own collection, our Double Old Fashioned Scotch glass set is a celebration of good taste and the joy of life's finer moments. 

If you like the more creative side of things, use our fancy whiskey glasses to serve desserts, juices, and beverages or even to serve snacks. 

The Swish Double Old Fashioned Tumblers are a great housewarming gift at a regular price. Each whiskey glass set comes in a set of 4 and is sure to become a favorite in your friends’ glassware collection. And of course, Old Fashioned Tumblers make a beautiful wedding gift that will be appreciated for years to come.

JoyJolt for Your Glassware

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Start shopping today and make every sip a celebration with JoyJolt. Cheers to joyous moments!

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