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Glass Water Bottles

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Reusable Water Bottles

Water-insulated bottles keep water cold and fresh for longer and are highly durable. You can use them for months and years and they are perfect for any outdoor activity, as they are considered the best water bottle for hikes, at home, at school, or when camping with friends.

Quality Reusable Water Bottles

A stainless steel water bottle is not only reusable and designed to last, but also ranks as the best water bottle for travel, due to its convenient design and durability. JoyJolt water bottle with straw is easy to clean, easy to sip, keeps water cold and it’s easy to drink while on the move.

Quality water bottles are made of insulated stainless steel or glass, both of which are safe BPA-free plastic food container materials. A Joyjolt stainless water bottle is washable and can even go in the dishwasher. Its lid is airtight and leak-proof: you can hold, shake, and twist it all day long and no drop will fall. Enjoy your reusable water bottle throughout the day!

Water bottles with vacuum insulation are also built to last. Our JoyJolt limited edition water-insulated bottle collection comes in astonishing colors and designs to help you choose the product that best matches your personality and lifestyle. 

Reusable water bottles make life simple and pretty

Your water bottle will keep your drink cool for longer. Of course, most people use their water bottles for, well, water — but there is no reason why you shouldn’t use them for juice, tea, or coffee.

Our JoyJolt Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle with Flip Lid & Sport Straw Lid is made of stainless steel and is fully insulated. This stainless still bottle can go in the fridge and the freezer and will happily hold boiling water for hot tea or coffee. Thanks to its double wall, vacuum seal, and copper insulation, this water bottle will be your faithful companion when you go to the gym, around the house, at work, and at school. 

Our JoyJolt collection also includes a set of six Spring Glass Insulated Water Bottles with Stainless Steel Cap, which is a great way to present drinks, infused water, and juices at parties or just at home. The glass water bottles come with caps to keep your drink fresh and cold all day. In addition, they are dishwasher-safe to make life easier.

Your water bottle is durable

Both glass and stainless steel are made of durable materials. Our Glass Water Bottle with Carry Strap & Non-Slip Silicone Sleeve is very practical because it comes with a silicone slip to hold, no matter how hot the liquid inside is. The airtight seal keeps your drink hot or cold and doesn’t let it spill so you can have your water bottle with you in your bag. 

You can use your JoyJolt stainless steel bottle time and again as all our water bottle collection has been designed for frequent and sustained use. Easy to carry and easy to hold, our water bottles can be your best travel mates to keep your water fresh all day.

Reusable water bottles are healthier than plastic

Water and drinks taste better when they are contained in a stainless steel or glass container as opposed to plastic water bottles. Compared to a plastic water bottle, a stainless steel bottle keeps drinks fresher and doesn’t absorb the ‘plastic’ taste that sometimes comes from plastic single-use bottles or tube water filters.

Water bottles are portable

The whole point of carrying a water bottle is that it’s highly portable, which makes this bottle easy to carry around. Some of them have a non-slip silicone sleep while others have carry straps. Our goal is to offer you a selection of water bottles that are easy to have around and can nicely fit in your bag, car, or even around your wrist as you jog.

Water bottles are fun

Water bottles used to be boring and practical but JoyJolt has an extensive range of colors and shapes to choose from. Apart from black, white, and gray, we also have pink, aqua, purple, dark green, and dual-colored bottles to match your personality and style. Thanks to their affordable price, you can pick several ones and use them on different occasions. 

JoyJolt for Your Reusable Water Bottles

Quench your thirst with ease! Grab a JoyJolt wide-mouth bottle — easy to fill, effortless to clean, and easy to sip on the move. Experience why we have the best water bottles out there. 

For families with kids, kids' water bottles now come in various colors, which is a great way to differentiate them and make it easier to pick them up quickly when time is running out. 

To make things even better, our water bottles come in different sizes to match your needs: 18 oz, 20 oz, 22 oz, and 32 oz

Add JoyJolt water bottles to your daily favorite accessories and stay hydrated with JoyJolt. Explore all our new products and enjoy free shipping in the US on orders over $49!

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