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Disney Mickey and Pluto Aroma Glass Mugs 5.4 oz

Disney Mickey and Pluto Aroma Glass Mugs - 5.4 oz

Disney Mickey and Pluto Aroma Glass Mugs 5.4 oz

Disney Mickey and Pluto Aroma Glass Mugs - 5.4 oz

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JoyJolt Disney Glassware, 2 Piece Insulated Coffee Mug Set. Glass Mugs For Hot Beverages with Continuous Line Drawing Disney Mickey Mouse and Pluto Design! Borosilicate Glass Insulated Mug Set. 5.4oz glass mugs, stands 3.5 inches tall to fit under all espresso machines. Insulated coffee mugs or tea cup keeps espresso coffee hot, hands cool, and prevents condensation. Dishwasher, microwave, oven and freezer safe cute cups.

  • Set of 2 Espresso Cups (5.4oz)
  • For Espresso, Cappuccino, Kid’s Hot Chocolate or Tea!
  • 5” Tall To Fit Under All Machines
  • Made From Thermoresistant Borosilicate Glass
  • Double-Walled, Keeps Drinks Hot and Hands Cool
  • Easy To Clean: Dishwasher Safe
  • Easy To Hold: Insulated 2.75” Wide Cup with 2” Handle
  • Satisfying To Use: Lightweight Cup with 1/8” Rim
  • Microwave Safe, Freezer Safe, Oven Safe
  • Gift Boxed with Secure Padding

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Disney Mickey and Pluto Aroma Glass Mugs - 5.4 oz

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Disney Mickey & Pluto Aroma Glass Mugs, 5.4 oz

CAREDishwasher Safe
DIMENSIONSLength 2.75" Width 2.75" Height 3.5"
FEATURESDouble Wall Insulated Glasses for hot or cold drinks
MaterialThermoresistant Borosilicate Glass
PackagingGift Box
Set Includes2 Glass Mugs
Weight Per Glass4 oz

The Right Size In So Many Ways

Each espresso cup holds 5.4 ounces, stands 3.5 inches tall and 2.75 inches wide so you can 1) fit it beneath any kind of espresso machine, 2) enjoy the right sized double shot espresso or cappuccino cup, and 3) hug it comfortably in one hand as you savor each warm sip.

Beautiful To Drink From

Your clear coffee cups are lightweight, and have a 2” long handle - half an inch thick. So they’re easy to pick up and hold just like you expect from any proper espresso cup. And even though it’s double walled, it’s not thick! The standard 1/8” rim is comfy to drink from.

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Love these glasses

These glasses are perfect. They are tiny and perfect for espresso or small portions of drinks. My kids and I both love that they have Mickey and Pluto on them. I love that they are double walled to keep drinks warm as well. I would definitely recommend these glasses!

Bob Gal
drinks it religiously

My wife is a huge fan of anything Disney, when we received the mugs, it could not be better times, at the same time we bought a coffee makes which makes cappuccinos. My wife loves it, drinks from it everyday, the glass is double glass insulated so when you pour the cappuccino in, it stays hot but you can still gram around it and by the handle, its cool to the touch from the outside which is nice. I accidentally dropped one in the sink and oh man it did not crack, break or anything, i was so glad, so its a high quality mug i tell ya. Mickey and Pluto are a nice touch and look very nice when you pour some cappuccino. Recommend it

Bailey R
Very cute

These espresso cups are cute with Mickey and Pluto on them. They are perfect for espresso, I really love that they stay cool on the outside because of the double wall, that way I dont burn my hands when I pick up my glass! Being double walled, my espresso also stays warmer a little longer than with a regular espresso cup. If you're a Disney and espresso fan, I highly recommend these glasses.

Marc Schreiber
Great for Mickey/Pluto fans

I have only one suggestion: the single-line drawing of the two Disney characters should be in a color contrasting with the dark brown of most coffee drinks.

awesome cups

I have been a collector of cups, mugs, nick nacks for years now and these cups have been added to my collection. i love how they are double walled so the cups aren't hot to touch.