Airtight Glass Jars Storage Cannister with Silicone Seal Lids - Set of 3

SKU: JW10547
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Size: 32 oz
Style: Food Storage Jars
Sale price$24.95


Airtight, Leakproof and Smell Proof for Life! It’s annoying isn’t it, when your favorite airtight storage containers with lids somehow lose their silicone seals, or warp beyond repair. So in this glass jars with airtight lid set of three jars we also give you 3 extra seals! Now all the kitchen canisters you own are a useful part of your pantry storage and kitchen storage for longer! Set of THREE Airtight Food Storage Containers. Choose A Size, Or Collect The Set!

• Pantry Organization and Storage Jars In A Range of Sizes!
• With Stainless Steel Clamps and SIX Silicone Seals!
• Available in Quart Jars, 50oz, and 78oz Tall Jar
• Rustic Jar Style for Farmhouse or Modern Kitchen
• Lead Free Glass Refrigerator Storage Containers, Dishwasher Safe
• 100% Airtight, Leakproof and Smellproof Canister Set
• Gift Boxed, Bubble Wrapped


Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Donna Fischer
Storage perfection!

These glass clamp sealed jars are beautiful & practical! You’ll want to transfer contents of paper & cardboard dry goods immediately into these beauties!

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