Aqua Vitae Lead Free Crystal Square Off Base Glasses

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Style: Shot Glass
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Our unique off base design is adopted into our Aqua Vitae collection. The collection comes in four different shapes. These sets of Square off base glasses are easy to hold with an ergonomically curved edge, and comfy to drink from.

• Choose from a set of two or four glasses
• Lead-fee crystal
• Dishwasher Safe
• Beautiful embossed magnetic closure gift box; great gift idea for any occasion
• Back by a Limited 1 Year Manufacture Warranty


Aqua Vitae Set of 4 Square Shot Glasses 1.5 oz Off Base Glasses

CAREDishwasher Safe
DIMENSIONSLength 1.5" Width 1.5" Height 4.25"
MaterialLead-fee crystal
PackagingGift Box
Set Includes4 Shot Glasses

Strong Glassware That Refuses to Be Like Everyone Else

When we say the Aqua Vitae Collection of Whiskey Glasses is a little different, we are not just talking about its unique, hand crafted, offset base. Of course, there is no doubt it is unique and will obviously wow anyone who receives it. But it is the things you cannot see that also make this artisan set stand out. Things like, how it feels in your hand, how satisfying it is to drink from, it’s durability, and how it fits the ice cubes you most like to use.

On The Rocks…

Nothing can really top the sound of ice cubes dropped into a crystal glass. But listen, because not all glassware is strong enough to handle the ‘clink’. This triangle glass is 2.5lbs and crafted from Lead-Free Crystal, mineralized for durability, and is 3.75 inches wide. So, go ahead, use your favorite ice cube, icy sphere or whiskey stones. And because we used this particular polished crystal, you’ll enjoy the diamond shine. Cocktails dance under lights while neat pours display their true golden hues.

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