Diner Glass Coffee Mugs

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Your new cup of sunshine (that's right, even on a Monday)! A modern take on the original Victor Mug, these glass beauties have the same cozy curves, same hand-cradling comfort, but with a peek-a-boo twist. This glass coffee mug set lets you view your brew! Start your day nostalgic, end it contended -  these mugs are your daily dose of diner warmth (and way bigger coffee, just sayin').

  • Diner Style Coffee Glass Set of 6
  • Capacity: 14.9 oz
  • Made of Robust Soda Lime Glass
  • Lead-Free, BPA Free Glasses 
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Used For Hot or Cold Beverages
  • Suggested to Wash Before First Use  
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty 

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Great One - Verified by Amazon

They are simply perfect for our family’s beverage needs. The 15.5 oz size is just right, whether it’s for my kids’ juice, my tea, or my husband’s coffee. Not only are these mugs sturdy, but their style also adds a delightful touch to our kitchen. Plus, they’re dishwasher safe, which is a huge bonus for us. We all love them very much!”

Golf 365
Solid glass coffee mug - Verified by Amazon

If you like double walled borosilicate glass coffee mugs, this is not your coffee mug. These mugs will hold almost two cups of coffee. The solid glass walls are fairly thick, filling you with confidence in the mug. The thick glass helps keep your coffee hot for a while and feels great on a cold morning as you feel the warmth of the coffee. This comes as a set of six, enough for most households.

Herman Cost
Attractive and sturdy at a fair price - Verified by Amazon

I think these are nice looking, practical cups. They hold just under 16 oz. of liquid and are sturdy and broad-based enough that they won't easily tip over. A few other reviews have stated that they were too heavy and that they were cloudy; I strongly disagree with both contentions. Each mug weighs just under one pound (less than the ceramic mug I normally use) and is easily picked up and moved around, and the mugs are quite clear given that the glass is fairly thick (a plus)..
To sum up, you'll be proud to serve your guests beverages in these cups and they are also a good value.

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