Diner Glass Coffee Mugs

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Diner days might be fleeting, but this mug's hug isn't! These glass mugs channel the Victor Mug's iconic charm, cradling your hands like a warm welcome home. Start your day with a nostalgic grin, end it with a contented sigh – these mugs are diner warmth made daily (and way more generous for the caffeine, wink wink).

  • Diner Style Coffee Glass Set of 4
  • Capacity: 14.9 oz
  • Made of Robust Soda Lime Glass
  • Lead-Free, BPA Free Glasses 
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Used For Hot or Cold Beverages
  • Suggested to Wash Before First Use  
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty 

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
These mugs are beautiful

I am obsessed with these mugs! They have become my favorite mugs since I received them, I was a little scared at first because I thought I would burn my hands since they are single wall but nope! They do get warm but not hot hot. They are good sized mugs definitely right up my alley. I’ve been using them for my teas and coffee

Sturdy and Beautiful!

I always wanted a set of glass mugs and right on time I received them from Influenster and JoyJolt. I finally had a chance to try them out today when I made some hot chocolate in the Keurig. The mug kept the hot chocolate warm, but it’s pretty thick so the outside of cup didn’t get too hot to touch. I also discovered that they are sturdy because my son accidentally banged it on the side of the counter too and it didn’t even chip. It’s also aesthetically pleasing to drink out of a glass mug so that’s a bonus. I highly recommend these and would purchase again if something happened to these.

So cute

I absolutely love these mugs they are perfect! I love that they are glass and you can see through them to know what your coffee looks like when you’re adding creamer to it. They seem very strong and durable.

Lightweight but durable

These mugs are soooo perfect! They are very aesthetically pleasing as they are clear. They keep my tea and coffee hot as well for a considerable amount of time. I would by the entire Joy Jolt cup set in the future!

Gift for IÌnluenster 🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁

The glass has a good thickness, simple and traditional design, and has a handle so it's easy to use hot or cold water without fear of burns or cold hands. It's quite okay for me, thank you influenter for letting me know about this product.

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