JoyFul 4 Large Glass Mixing Bowls With Lids

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Color: Red
Style: Mixing Bowls
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Neat Nesting Bowls, Glass Bowl Set from JoyFul by JoyJolt. Set of 4 microwavable bowls with large glass bowl (8in wide and 4.25in tall) 2 medium big bowls (7.5x4in and 6.25x3in) and 1 smaller clear glass bowls (5.5x2.5in). Each one comes with an airtight lid for fresh food, and nests into the other with the lids on so nothing gets lost in your cupboard! Temperatures: Made from thick glass this Bowl Set is Freezer Safe, Microwave Safe, Dishwasher Safe (not the lids). Fridge Safe WITH Lids. *NOT Oven Safe. And the best part is each kitchen bowl is extra thick and robust so you can use them year after year for hundreds of things! What a great idea! Cook for Joy, JoyFul by JoyJolt.


• 4 Thick Glass Mixing Bowls with Airtight Lids.
• Neatly Nesting For Space Saving Storage!
• Stack Them All Together And Carry ALL Bowls At Once!
• Sizes: 8x4.25in, 7.5x4in, 6.25x3in and 5.5x2.5in.
• Lead-Free Glass
• Fridge Safe (Bowls+Lids)
• Dishwasher Safe, Freezer Safe, Microwave Safe, (*Bowls Only)



Durable Bowls That Nest With Ease

When it comes to glass mixing bowls you want them sturdy thick clear and space saving right? If so you’ll probably love these four thick strong mixing bowls with lids They neatly nest for easy compact storage and tough enough for life! Cook for Joy by JoyJolt.

Air Tight Lids For Fresher Food

The airtight lids means you can use them for a food prep bowl or leftovers without odors and air getting in or out! And while they’re incredibly firm fitting to prevent air or moisture creeping in the easy thumb tabs make them simple to remove when needed.

Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Chaya k
Wonderful for an organized kitchen

I really love using glass bowls in my kitchen. Having the lids to use them for storage later in the fridge is even better. These bowls are great quality and stack perfectly. Definitely enjoying them and I would get them again. A must for every kitchen.


Great quality bowls. Been using them for a while and I have not noticed any warping of the lids. Even dropped it a couple times and they are still holding up just fine.


I got these s few months ago.. they are great.. nice sleek design lids fit well and they stack when not in use for easy convenient storage

Love these bowls!

Great set! Lids for securely. First time use actually was afraid I wouldn’t get the lid off but they wear in and work great! Perfect sizes to store leftovers or to take dishes to parties. Love them so much bought a second set for a friend’s wedding present! Plus the fact that I can throw them in the dishwasher for a quick clean is even better!


Great bowls for on the go and for everyday use. Well constructed and sturdy. The lids fit very well. Packaging was great and arrive unharmed.

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