JoyJolt Beverage Serveware Glass Pitcher

SKU: JG10296
26 reviews

Size: 40 oz
Style: Pitcher
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Infuse your day with joy! This glass pitcher isn't your average hydration sidekick; it's a fruity fiesta waiting to happen.  Imagine crafting a masterpiece of a mimosa bar, or transforming plain water into a rainbow of citrusy goodness. The wide mouth lets your creativity flow (and the ice cubes in!), while the comfy handle ensures effortless grip and pouring. What you thirst after, it becomes - a juice pitcher, tea pitcher, bedside carafe, lemonade pitcher, or plain water jug! Made from lead-free glass, it's as happy with hot cocoa as it is with a frosty sangria.  Two leakproof lids keep the party contained, and dishwasher-safe convenience means less time cleaning, more time enjoying infused concoctions with friends!

  • Glass Pitcher With Handle & 2 Lids
  • Available in 40 oz, 57.7 oz, or 67 oz
  • Lead-Free Soda Lime Glass
  • 2.6” Opening for Ice and Fruit
  • Classic Ribbed Design
  • Open Handle, Easy To Hold
  • Leakproof Pouring Lids
  • Fridge and Freezer Safe
  • Suggested to Wash Before First Use
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty

A gentle reminder: treat your glassware kindly by avoiding extreme or sudden temperature changes, either hot or cold. A steady environment keeps your glass intact and ready for any occasion.

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Susan Stonesifer
Just right for the iced tea

While I understand the dripping issue some have had, a little swipe of oil just below the lip, helps prevent some. We were able to put hot water from our hot water faucet directly into the pitcher

Looks cute ☺️

My brother has orange trees so sometimes I get fresh pressed orange juice and use this to store my juice. Love that its glass I’m trying to stay away from plastic as much as possible. So far its held up well and doesn’t leach onto smells!

Great for iced tea!

I drink a glass of chai spice tea each day and instead of having to brew a new cup each morning I decided a while back that I’d make ahead and drink it cold. I’d tried the plastic pitchers but didn’t like the taste it gave the tea so it was time for a glass pitcher. This pitcher was just what I needed and has enough room to hold at least 6 servings of my tea so I only brew once a week. Great find!

Great Pitcher!

I love that this glass pitcher has ribbed edges. Adds enough decoration while still being classic. 2 lids are better than one! Very cite and sturdy design, its squared edges make is very space efficient as well.

Nice Pitcher with 2 Lids!

I got this JoyJolt Glass Pitcher to replace a similar glass pitcher i've had for years with a deteriorating lid. So boy was I surprised to find that this pitcher came with 2 Lids! =)

Now not only do I have a great new glass pitcher, but I also have a new lid for my old glass pitcher that had the same size opening! Anyways, even if I didn't have the old pitcher, the 2 lids is still a Nice touch and thoughtful of JoyJolt to include because you never know when you'll need another lid or want to replace the one you've been using.

This pitcher is great for making Sun Tea in (which my wife loves to do on sunny days), and also works to contain my home-made vegetable or fruit juice from my juicer, and of course any other tea, iced-coffee, milk, or juice you need a container for. Also, if you're anything like me you just simply prefer any drink in a glass container versus plastic or metal, am i right? This pitcher is also made of thick glass that will stand the test-of-time.

Thank-you JoyJolt for a nicely built glass pitcher and including 2 lids with it! 5 Stars!!

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