JoyJolt Hali Glass Carafe Bottle Pitcher with 6 Lids - 35 oz - Set of 3

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Host The Perfect Party with The Hali Carafe Set from JoyJolt! Every host and hostess needs a set of restaurant-quality glass pitchers. This set from JoyJolt will have you ready to host brunch, baby showers, bridal showers, and holiday parties! Why buy a single carafe when you can serve your guests three different beverages in these 35oz glass bottles with lids?! Sangria pitcher, lemonade pitcher, margarita pitcher, mimosa pitcher, orange juice vase, cocktail pitcher, ice tea pitcher - choose your top three favorites and you'll have something for everyone! And, when the party's over, this carafe set for mimosa bar goes straight in the dishwasher for easy cleaning (not the lids). Need brunch bridal shower ideas for a large group? Add these carafes to your mimosa kit! Not just for parties, either! At 35oz (just over 1-quart small water pitcher), these are a great size for a bedside carafe or desktop water jug. Or instead of plain water use these as iced tea carafes or for fruit-infused water. These juice containers with lids for the fridge are versatile for everything! And since things always get lost easily in a busy family home, we included extra lids! 6, in fact! Black and white, so you have plenty to spare and you can choose the color that best matches your kitchen decor or tablecloth de jour. Will these carafes fit in my fridge and on my countertop? Yes! We designed these carafes at 11" tall which is just slightly taller than a gallon of milk. They'll sit nicely on your fridge shelf and comfortably on your kitchen countertop, under the cabinets, and out of the way. Extra lids, strong and dishwasher-safe glass and a timeless design - why wait? Order today. 

CAUTION: Do not subject glassware to extreme or sudden temperature changes (either hot or cold) as doing so may cause the glass to break or shatter potentially resulting in bodily injury.

• 3 Glass Carafes
• 6 BPA-Free Lids (3 Black, 3 White)
• Height: 11”
• Width at widest point: 4”
• Width at Neck: 2.5”
• Capacity: 35oz
• Gift Boxed with Secure Padding



No More Lost Lids

Not only does the Hali Juice Carafe set come with BPA-free lids – not often seen on other carafe sets. But it also comes with three extra! So there are plenty to spare in case you lose one using it as a bedside carafe, drink pitchers for parties or during one too many mimosas at brunch! Some water decanter sets come with white lids but this one includes a black set, too. Change your color or mix them up! Mimosa Bar, Bridal Shower Decorations, Baby Shower Decorations or Brunch Decorations! These small pitchers are versatile hosting essentials!

Fits in the Fridge AND Hold Large Cubes

At 11" tall, this glass carafe with lids set is designed to fit in your refrigerator or under your cabinets. And, the 2.5" neck fits even large cubes! But also, non-melting whiskey stones to keep drinks cool, undiluted and refreshing to the last drop! Strong Glass With A Comfortable Grip: This carafe with lids set is made from thick JoyJolt glass that's dishwasher safe (not the lids). You'll love its solid heft that tells you this is a restaurant quality carafe. But most importantly, our tapered neck is ever so comfortable to hold when pouring.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Gloria Jewett

Beautiful! So light and useful!

Nice set

I prefer my drinks in glass instead of plastic and these glasses are perfect. So elegant and versatile. Great size and length even fits in my mini fridge well. The quality of the lids is great also I turned my juice upside down to test no spill or leak!


I absolutely love the quality and shape of these Carafes! These come with a white and black lid that will match any style you prefer! Highly recommended!

Elegant look and serve the purpose

These are perfect for small gatherings. We used them for cold water and some ice tea. They looked very elegant. Easy to wash and clean. It comes with 6 BPA lid so don’t have to worry about spilling and also easy storage.

Love the versatility

This is the second item of this brand that I got. Both items exceeding my expectations. These set of three carafes is perfect for my family as I have now little ones who can voice their opinions and can ask what they want. So each carafe can contain whatever each member of my family is in the mood for, no more fighting on the dining table. The glass is considerably thicker, love the lids that can be used to store leftover drinks.

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