Milo Champagne Glasses Set of 8

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Our Milo 9.4 oz flute glasses comes in a set of 8. Each stemless champagne glass features a slim bowl that is perfectly weighted. There is nothing more charming than sipping your favorite fizz from glass that nestles comfortably in your hand.

  • Set of 8 Skinny Stemless Champagne Glasses
  • Easy To Hold Crystal Water Glasses, Mimosa Set Stemless Flute
  • Lead Free Crystal Glasses
  • Dishwasher Safe Sparkling Champagne Glasses
  • Comes Ready in a Beautiful Gift Box
  • Backed by a Limited 1 Year Manufactured Warranty




There’s nothing more charming than sipping your favorite fizz from glass that nestles comfortably in your hand, instead of short fat champagne glasses. So that’s why we created a Crystal Stemless Champagne Flute that shines just like a stem one, and with that same tapered class. Each stemless champagne flute features a slim bowl that’s perfectly weighted. Not so heavy it slips from your grip, but not so light to feel like plastic! 2” wide and 6.5” tall, with a perfect flat bottom, they stay sublimely balanced while balancing your bubble’s aromatic bouquet.


Fill your cup! The JoyJolt Milo Set of 8 Stemless Glasses looks beautiful as a Mimosa Glass, and Prosecco Glasses, flowing with Cristal or Rose Sparkling Wine Glasses. If it’s worth toasting with, then it belongs in a cute bar glass set that adores the sound of a ‘clink’! The Milo 8 PC Stemless Flute Glasses Set comes securely bubble-wrapped in a thick box, so any plans for gifting will be success! Affordably priced for this type of quality, and with a 12 Month Guarantee, they’re an effortless and beautiful gift for anyone who likes to imbibe.

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
So elegant

I absolutely love these champagne glasses. They are elegant, dainty and so fancy! They are lightweight to hold but are made of thick glass. The are heavier on the bottom so they do not tip over easy, and hold the perfect amount. Honestly, I have also been using them for my nightly glass of wine as well, as they are more comfortable to hold for me personally. They are dishwasher safe, but I also use a bottle brush as my hand won't fit down to the bottom of them, when I want to hand wash them.

Mike F
Great for after a long day at work..

This is my go-to product after a long day of work. 15 oz is plenty enough for me to relax with my drink of choice. Whether juice, wine, or champagne, I feel pretty stylish drinking out of this glass. The glass is solid and doesn’t feel flimsy.


I absolutely love these stemless Champagne glasses. Beautiful and unique.

Beautiful Champagne Glasses!!

I love my set of 8 Milo 15.5 oz Champagne Glasses! They are made with every user in mind with the design and style of them. They feel light in your hand and the size give you a perfect snugginess in your hand as you hold it. They are lead free and dishwasher safe.... can one say "BONUS?!" Well i think so because clean up is a cinch! The set being 8 makes for the perfect little get together with family and/or friends. Just pour a glass of some bubbly with a pineapple or strawberry chunk and you'll be in total bliss. They are also great for date night with your fella. Paired with a nice home cooked meal! You just can't go wrong hehe!!

Look great!

I really love these Champagn glasses, they not only look stunning on my dinner table. They are also made very well and are my favorite glasses to use for any special occasion.

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