Spring Glass Insulated Water Bottles with Stainless Steel Cap - 18 oz - Set of 6

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There’s nothing quite like that first sip of cold water when you’re thirsting for a drink. Elevate your water bottle routine with this set of 6 reusable and refillable glass water bottles that hold up to 18 ounces of your favorite beverage. Affordably priced considering the bold, contemporary design, the Spring glass bottles are the perfect choice for those looking to upgrade to glass water bottles without spending a small fortune. Each Spring reusable water bottle is crafted from 100% real glass and built to last. Featuring a twist-on stainless steel cap that locks in liquid to prevent leaks and spills, the Spring collection is the perfect upgrade for those looking to ditch plastic water bottles and cut down on environmental waste. The Spring bottles hold up to 18 oz of liquid each, and are suited for a variety of beverages including juices, coffee, sodas, cocktails, and more. Cleaning is a cinch, too, because you can sanitize the glass water bottles right in the dishwasher. 

CAUTION: Do not subject glassware to extreme or sudden temperature changes (either hot or cold) as doing so may cause the glass to break or shatter potentially resulting in bodily injury.

• 6 Glass water bottles, 18 oz. Capacity
• 6 Stainless Steel Caps Included
• Easy to Grip
• Leak proof for all types of liquid
• Dishwasher safe
• Each bottle measures 2.75"" wide by 10"" high
• Gift Boxed with Secure Padding




Stay hydrated all day long with our set of 6 refillable water bottles made from 100% real glass. Our Spring glass bottles hold up to 18 oz of your favorite beverage and measure 2.75 inches wide and 10 inches tall, weighing 10 ounces empty. Each bottle comes with a twist-on stainless steel cap for premium protection.


The Spring glass water bottles feature a stylish shape designed to fit comfortably in your hand. Sloping inwards at the middle with a beveled edge near the mouth, you can easily grip these clear glass water bottles with minimal strain. Relax and enjoy juice, sodas, coffee, and more from a trendsetting bottle at a great price.

Customer Reviews

Based on 56 reviews
Wiley DSpain
Awesome bottles!

Love using the bottles


Purchased as a gift for someone who was reusing old plastic bottles (yuck!) and they love them! Quick delivery of a quality product!

Good quality

I have been using these glass bottles for several weeks and I am very satisfied with them. They are durable and also very esthetically pleasing.

Great Product

I have been using these bottles for about a month. They are a great for taking drinks places. They stay super cold and they don't leak. Very durable and easy to clean!!


Spring Glass Insulated Water Bottles with Stainless Steel Cap - 18 oz - Set of 6

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