Storage Jars with Airtight Lids - Set of 6

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Material: Bamboo
Style: Food Storage Jars
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Jars with Airtight Lids for Freshness: Many jars have lids but not all can boast a rubber seal that's truly airtight. The satisfying "pop" on opening tells you it has been hermetically sealed - something you'll find in the best kitchen canisters. Air and odors stay out completely! Borosilicate Glass Is Versatile and Easy to Clean: Did you know that glass isn't just glass? Borosilicate glass (aka space shuttle glass) is designed to withstand temperature changes without breaking. Put these glass canisters (not lids) in the dishwasher, microwave, freezer or fridge, worry free! Wide Mouth Storage Jars in 6 Multi-Use Sizes: Your set contains varied sizes for tidy pantry organization and storage: 10oz (3.3" tall), 16oz (4.5" tall), 23oz (5.25" tall), 30oz (6.37" tall), 40oz (7.62" tall) and 54oz (9.87" tall). And, they're all 4" wide for reaching inside easily with a scoop!

• Set of 6 Glass Jars With Bamboo or Stainless Lids
• Airtight with BPA free inner seal
• Made of borosilicate glass
• Dishwasher safe (not the lids)
• Gift boxed with secure padding
• 1-year Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Janine Cannon

I am so pleased with how beautiful these storage jars are. The ONLY reason I am docking one star is because one of our lids was stuck to the jar it was attached to and the rubber ended up ripping ( I think there may have been some heat damage that caused the rubber to melt a bit to the glass jar at some point). The fact that it was only on one jar is good, but it still kind of dampens the point of that jar in term of "air-tight." That being said, the delivery was quick, the packaging was pristine, and they are very pretty and useful. I would recommend.

Beautiful storage

I love these jars. They are made with great quality and they look fantastic. JoyJolt did a great job and I would highly recommend these jars to anyone.

Perfect for organization

These are awesome for organizing everything like pasta, cereal, granola, candy, fruit, etc. they are very well made and sturdy. The lids have a suction lining and fit tight. They don’t leak even when filled with liquid. They aren’t super heavy and are easy to clean. They also look nice.

D Tilley
Great jars in a variety of sizes

These are really nice jars that I can use for many things with all the different sizes that come with it. So far I've been using the big ones for pasta and rice. They are not completely airtight as the lids have a very small vent hole in the rubber seals so if you want them air tight you can just seal the holes. I used a flexible uv sealant to test it out and it seems to work pretty good. The jars are also very durable as I've already accidentally dropped one and it didnt even get a scratch. I'm very satisfied with these and would recommend

Beautiful Set!

I have a passion for organizing my home so I’m constantly looking for new ways to keep my household tidy!

These glass jars are absolutely beautiful. We use them to keep cookies and other snacks in for shorter periods of time! The lids aren't 100% airtight but they work for foods that aren’t in there for the long haul!

They’re super easy to clean and seem to be durable enough for my preferred snack/kitchen use!

Overall, I’m pretty happy with this set!

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