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Double Old-Fashioned Glasses

So many drinks can be poured into a double old-fashioned glass. These barware cocktail glasses are versatile and sturdy, thanks to their sturdy base. They give a sense of elegance and add a sophisticated touch, whether you are having friends over or you just want to enjoy your drink in a classic glass. 

Old-fashioned glass designs have become as iconic as Christmas ornaments during the holiday season. The candy canes double as delightful stirrers, making them ideal gifts by occasion for cocktail enthusiasts.

JoyJolt has taken the double old-fashioned glass to the next level, as our collection includes modern items of this traditional glass. We offer tumbler-style glasses, Art Deco whiskey glasses, beer glasses, low-ball glasses, wine glasses, and even hue-colored double old-fashioned glasses to add fun when drinking with friends. 

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How to Use Double Old-Fashioned Glasses

Double old-fashioned glasses are the most used cocktail glasses, as all bartenders will tell you. 

These cocktail glasses are perfect for drinks and cocktails that don’t require a shaker. The drink is built in the glass, as you pour all the cocktail ingredients and stir them. Most cocktails for double old-fashioned glasses include ice. 

Here’s what makes double old-fashioned glasses so perfect for a cocktail.

Heavy bottom

All old-fashioned glasses have a heavy bottom, which adds sturdiness and weight to the glass. The sign of a good old-fashioned glass is that it sits nicely in the hand with its substantial weight, without feeling awkward or too heavy. 

The purpose of the heavy bottom is that you can blend and pound ingredients like sugar or fruit peels before pouring the cocktail liquids. 

A further benefit of the heavy bottom is that it keeps the drink cold for longer. Since most drinks in old-fashioned glasses come with ice, it’s nice to keep them fresh and cool: you get more enjoyment out of your cocktail. 

Wide brim

The wide brim allows the drinker to swirl the drink around and drink it slowly and with maximum satisfaction. The wide brim of old-fashioned whiskey glasses lets the drink breathe and naturally develop its aromas. 

Double size

As the name suggests, double old-fashioned glasses are larger than normal ones. A typical old-fashioned tumbler has a capacity of 6 to 10 fl oz, while the double can contain larger drinks of 12 to 16 fl oz. 

Most bartenders and cocktail experts prefer double old-fashioned glasses because they give more space for ice and the drink to blend. They have a more satisfying size and are versatile enough to be used for smaller drinks as well. 

Cocktails Served in Double Old-Fashioned Glasses

The glass gets its name from the Old-Fashioned drink, which blends sugar and whiskey with a dash of orange peel. 

Most people enjoy their whiskey on the rocks in a double old-fashioned glass, as well as a Negroni, Amaretto Sour, Sazerac, Mint Julep, and even a Caipirinha.  

Use Your Double Old-Fashioned Whiskey Glasses Everyday

It’s not uncommon to find old-fashioned glasses used for water or juice. Their tumbler size and thick base make them feel durable and solid and many people enjoy drinking from them even if it’s not a cocktail. 

For example, our JoyJolt Swish Double Old Fashioned tumblers are sleek and stylish and can be used for juice or non-alcoholic drinks. The Radiant Double Old-Fashioned is equally solid and smart without being overpowering and excessive. 

Perfect for the Holidays

During the holiday season, as you set up your Christmas tree and display cherished memories in elegant picture frames, remember to care for your barware essentials. 

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With the JoyJolt Double Old-Fashioned collection, you have every reason to celebrate life with reasonably priced glasses and classy designs.

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