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Drinking Glasses

Who said that everyday drinking glasses should be plain? Our JoyJolt drinking glasses set is affordable, stylish, and fun. You can make your everyday living more elegant with our selection of drinking glasses: from colorful water glasses that add color to your life to chic highball glasses, we have the right glasses for your home.

Our JoyJolt drinking glass sets are a fusion of elegance and durability, perfect for daily luxury and special gatherings. Our glasses are meant to brighten up your living space and make it more practical. They also stand up to more formal get-togethers where joy and togetherness liven up your home.

Drinking Glasses for Every Taste

People are different and your water glass collection should reflect your personality. Why should you have boring drinking glasses that don’t say anything about who you are?

We have tumbler drinking glasses for vintage lovers who like their drinks to look and feel cool. They are pint-sized, so enjoy your iced tea or beer!

How about colorful drinking glasses? They are easy to track, especially during gatherings or for small get-togethers when everybody has a specific hue. That’s how we turn ordinary gatherings into memorable occasions.

At JoyJolt we are looking for ways to make your surroundings match your lifestyle. Our Faye highball glasses are elegant and polished. They can easily be used for cocktails, juices, and even milk. They are crystal-clear and smooth and they can match any tableware.

Practical Drinking Glasses for Everyday Use

Life is meant to be enjoyed with the least fuss. Our drinking glass sets are dishwasher-safe and durable. They are affordable and come in sets so you know you will have enough for your family or upcoming party.

Our Alain drinking glasses set of 8 has highballs that come in two heights; tall ones are perfect for cocktails, while shorter ones are great for juice during breakfast and iced tea in the afternoon.

Our Spike double-wall highball glasses will keep your drinks cool no matter how hot it is outside. They are also great for hot beverages when you want to keep them warm. Added bonus: your hands won’t get cold or hot and you don’t need coasters on the table.

Stylish Drinking Glasses

1920s-inspired glasses have a touch of glamor that truly charms. Our Alina 8 Piece Ribbed Glass Drinkware Set has a vintage look that can easily turn your kitchen and living room into a movie set. Their ribbed look and fluted edge highlight their classical look, yet they easily blend with any modern style.

Our Black Swan highball glasses come with a flawless design of grace and elegance, perfect for any occasion. Their dark bottom stands out against any backdrop and any drink will look beautiful in these glasses.

As for our Windsor European Crystal lead-free glasses, they really shine through as ‘royal’ glasses through and through. Their gold rim sets them apart and their shape will remind you of a royal goblet. They are affordable so you can enjoy special drinks but also use them every day as they are dishwasher and fridge-safe.

JoyJolt Drinking Glasses

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