Breeze Glass Drink Water Pitcher with Stainless Steel Lid - 50 oz

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JoyJolt Breeze Glass Carafe with Handle Plus Dual Pour & Filter Lid! While some 1/2 gallon jugs are only good at holding cold things, this 50oz glass jug holds all things luke warm, fridge-cold, freezer chilled and boiling hot. And not only that, it's a pitcher with filter in a comes with a dual-purpose lid that lets you pour fast from one side, or filter out fruity bits on the other! We've called it the Breeze Glass Serving Pitcher, but you can just call it perfect for serving any drink. From warm sun tea jar to fridge-fresh milk jug or iced tea pitcher, every drink is a Breeze, with Breeze. Hot or Cold, Fruity or Plain, Breeze Has So Many Uses! With its dual lid (filter or pour) and its ability to hold temperatures both freezing and boiling it’s the kind of jug you can use for just about anything! Iced Tea Maker or Sun Tea Maker. Yes! Fruit Infuser Water Pitcher? For sure! Margarita Pitcher, Milk Pitcher, Water Carafe, Iced Coffee Pitcher, Cocktail Mixing Pitcher and More! Yes, yes, yes! But more importantly, what delicious drinks will you serve in yours?


• 50oz Pitcher, 10.2” Tall, 6.3” Wide
• With Dual Lid That Lets You Pour or Filter
• Leakproof Pouring, Easy To Remove Lid To Refill
• Lead Free Borosilicate Glass, BPS, BPA and PVC Free
• Easy To Clean: Dishwasher Safe
• Temperatures: Microwave Safe (Not Lid) Fridge Safe, Boiling Water Safe, Freezer Safe Multi-Use Pitcher
• Nicely Boxed for Effortless Gifting



Hot or Cold? You Choose!

This Borosilicate Glass Pitcher is dishwasher safe and microwave safe (not the lid). It’s thermo-resistant so you can make icy cold brew tea or lemonade or scalding hot coffee. Pop it in the freezer to create a refreshing frosted look for a mimosa pitcher or beer pitcher

Leakproof? Of Course!

There’s no chance of the lid falling off because Breeze Pitchers for Drinks are sealed tight. And when it’s time to refill your cocktail pitcher it’s easy to remove. This glass water jug is also Lead Free, naturally BPA free and has a crystal shine that lights up the dinner table!

Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Robina Ahmed

Breeze Glass Drink Water Pitcher with Stainless Steel Lid - 50 oz

Beautiful Picture

I've made several Cocktails for friend gatherings I love the look and so do my friends

Beautiful pitcher

This pitcher is absolutely beautiful! It’s so classy looking great for everyday use or special occasions. It pours water without splashing. The lid fits on nice and snug.

High quality and good quality

This pitcher is everything I could want! So glad this is glass with stainless steel so it should last a while and it’s also lead free, bpa and also free from pvc. The real bonus of this is that it can be used for cold, boiling hot or somewhere in between the two. I have been using it for tea and it has been a great addition so far.

Fantastic Multipurpose Pitcher

This glass pitcher is fantastic. It is constructed with a thicker glass and has been durable as long as I have had it. It's great for water but I have used it for green juices and it has been wonderful. The glass and stainless steel lid are perfect for cleaning and keeping the flavors of the liquids inside pure. THe top also has a built-in "strainer" for thicker liquids. Overall, this is a fantastic pitcher that I plan on using for years to come.

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