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Shot Glasses

Try liqueurs, tequila, and vodka in cute shot glasses and down your drink in one go. Instead of sipping, take the shot down with your shot glass and celebrate joy with your loved ones.  

You don’t need to be a connoisseur of fine spirits to drink from shot glasses set. You can host lively gatherings or just get-togethers with a few friends. That’s when you want to share your favorite drink in a spirited and fun way. Regardless if they are simple glass shot glasses or fancy crystal shot glasses, what matters most is to enjoy your drinks with your loved ones.

From classic designs and innovative styles to mini shot glasses and fancy shot glasses, find the ideal oz shot set from our JoyJolt collection for your next toast.

Why Choose JoyJolt’s Shot Glasses?

Shot glasses are a way to express personality and show how much you are enjoying your drink. There is something special about downing your drink in a clear shot glass.

Plenty of shot styles

While most people think of short stubby shots, our JoyJolt collection of bar shot glasses gives you plenty of choices. From shot glasses with stems to square shot glasses, there is something to please all tastes. You can easily find a set of plain shot glasses that fits your kitchen style and matches the rest of your drinking glasses. 

 Elegant designs

Explore a wide range of designs, from traditional and straightforward to modern and quirky, that are perfect for any occasion or preference. If you like colorful glasses, our hue shot glasses are great for parties and gatherings, because guests can easily tell which glass is theirs thanks to the colored bottom.  

How about double-walled shot glasses? Insulated shot glasses will keep your drink at the right temperature for longer. If you want a hot shot, the double wall will keep your fingers from getting burnt.  

Premium Quality

Made from high-quality materials, our shot glasses ensure durability and clarity. They are dishwasher-safe and shatter-resistant, while some of them are freezer-safe as well. They are practical and quality so you can use them again and again without any concerns.  


Who said you can’t use your small shot glasses for miniature desserts? It’s easy to be creative with our JoyJolt shot glass collection. They are perfect for small servings of desserts as they add an elegant touch to any dinner party or event. And nobody is going to say no to such cute desserts! 

Shot glasses can be creatively repurposed as holders for small candles or tealights for a cozy ambiance. They can even be used for serving individual portions of condiments, sauces, or dips as an attractive option for gatherings.

Easy to Clean

It can be difficult to wash shot glasses but our selection is dishwasher-safe so you don’t need to worry about that. Pop them in the dishwasher and they are ready to be used for your next gathering. 

Shot glasses as a gift

If you like sharing happy moments with friends, then our JoyJolt shot glasses make the perfect gift. They are affordable and will make inspiring gifts for friends, family, and for all occasions. If you are looking for an original present, our shot dispenser set with glasses is sure to thrill everyone. 

Effortless shopping with JoyJolt

Enjoy the added benefit of free shipping on orders over $49, ensuring your favorite shot glasses reach you without extra cost. With secure payment options like Shop Pay, Google Pay, and Apple Pay, your transactions are not only easy but also safe. Our dedicated customer service ensures a smooth experience from selection to delivery. Keep track of your preferences with our 'Recently Viewed' feature, simplifying your shopping journey!

Explore Our JoyJolt shot glass collection

From classic shot glasses to novelty ones and more jazzy choices, JoyJolt has all the products you need. Designed to bring out the flavor profile of your favorite shots, our shot glass set is elegant, practical, and at an affordable price. 

Embark on a journey from old to new traditions with JoyJolt's versatile glassware collection. Our commitment to premium quality ensures durability and clarity, from the practical shot glass set and the elegant wine glasses to the practical beer glasses. Whether you're enjoying a casual night in or marking a special occasion, JoyJolt's glassware, effortlessly moving from new to old, adds a touch of sophistication to every sip, creating moments to be cherished with your favorite drink in hand.

Choose shot glasses for a casual night in with friends or for a special celebration. It doesn’t have to be anything grand: life is to be enjoyed, surrounded by people we love and our favorite drink in hand!

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