Executive Computer 3-Piece Whiskey Decanter & Glasses Set

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Clear Your Cookies With The JoyJolt Executive Computer Decanter and Glasses Set For whiskey lovers who also love navigating the online world, we’ve turned the traditional globe bar decanter into a digital delight, complete with syntax-tic rocks glasses and charming glass tumbler display shelf with accessories drawer. And while these may be glassware sets for a good ol’ fashioned Windows 98. You can also go a little Open Source, and use it for rum, tequila or any liquor glasses you like. The cloud’s your limit!


• 27oz Decanter with 2x 10oz Whiskey Glasses
• Polished Wood Display Shelf for Decanter and Bar Glasses with Accessories Drawer
• Decanter and Whiskey Glasses Set Made from Borosilicate Glass
• Premium Stopper for Airtight Whiskey Storage
• Unique and Fun for Whiskey AND Computer Lovers!
• Easy To Clean: Dishwasher Safe Glassware Set
• Gift Boxed Whiskey Set Gifts for Men and Women with Secure Foam Packing

Customer Reviews

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Classy Decanter!

This World class executive Decanter is beautiful made glass with special attention made to the details. The wood is rich and dark and polished to perfection. The computer made of glass inside the Decanter is so detailed and unique. This is one of the best decanters!

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