Classic Can Shape Tumbler Drinking Glass Cups - 17 oz - Set of 6

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Style: Highball
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Modern Glassware That Loves A Pint of Just About Anything! Can shaped drinking glasses are super hot right now. And why not? They’re super cute, fun and is the only highball glass that looks good in anything you want to throw in it! Iced tea glasses? Yes. Mixed drink glasses. Like, tall gin and tonic glasses or cocktail glasses Absolutely yes! Kitchen glasses for water glasses, juice glasses set or glass smoothie cup set? Yes, yes and yes! Beer glasses for men or women. Of COURSE. They ARE Pint glasses and beer shaped glasses after all! Ice coffee cups or iced tea glasses. They make iced anything look fun! In fact, these tall glasses for drinks are the perfect glass tumblers for the family, super cute alcohol glasses for mom and the large beer glass that all beer drinkers are looking for at the end of a hot summers day.


• 6 Pack of Can Shaped Glasses (16oz / Pint)
• Robust and Durable, Won’t Break in Your Hands!
• Thicker Soda Lime Glass Set, 5.5in Tall, 3in Wide
• Smooth Rolled Rim and 1/3in Thick Base
• Dishwasher Safe Drinking Cups



A Thick, Robust Glass Cups Set

You know those thin glass can cup sets that break too easy? Well, these are not those. Instead, they’re made from thicker Soda Lime Glass with a rolled rim and 1/3” thick base with a 12oz heft. So you can pick them up without worrying they’ll crush in your hands.

A Pint of What You Love

This “six pack” of can glass cups holds 16oz of your favorite cocktail, juice, ice cold water, iced coffee, tea, soda… and of course a glass beer can! They’re 5.5” tall, and 3” wide – just a little bigger than a regular soda can so you get an extra 4oz of refreshment before you refill!

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Elizabeth Farinella

Love the product and the packaging. Everything was on time without any hiccups. I'll be ordering again!

Cute glasses

These glasses are very cute. I love having "fancy" glasses for when I have company. They are very well made. I like that they are shaped like cans of pop.


I bought these about a month back to have to use at a private cocktail party at my house and everyone fell in love! The glass actually has a very elegant look to it and is a very see through glass... It has like zero fog in the "glass". Highly recommend

New Favorite Glasses

These glasses were the perfect addition to our household. They are delicate while still being sturdy. They have a thin rim which is my preference. They hold a little more then a can of liquid so you can add other items or ice. They are beautiful and streamline and are used on a daily basis.


These are neat little glasses in the shape of cans. They do get cold quickly in advance when liquid is in them. The rim is a little thicker than the rest of the glass which is on the thin side. They're decent quality, and they're great for company.

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