Pila Half Gallon 64 oz Glass Drink Pitcher with Spout

SKU: JG10253

Style: Pitcher
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Our Pila Pitcher is a decorative alternative: If you’re done with plastic pitchers, or looking for a unique glass jug, you can now drink for joy with the very unique JoyJolt Pila Glass Water Pitcher! But not just water. You can fill it up with hot coffee, chilled Sangria, cold brew tea or use it as a milk jug or beer pitcher!

  • Capacity: 64 oz
  • Made from borosilicate glass
  • Lead Free, naturally BPA Free
  • Heat resistant
  • Modern transparent design
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Microwave Safe
  • Perfect for hot coffee, chilled Sangria, cold brew tea or use it as a milk jug or beer pitcher
  • Elegant gift box packaging



Easy To Hold, Thermo-Resistant Borosilicate Glass:

Holding 64 oz of liquid is easy. The wide handle is perfect for bigger hands, and the “stepped” design allows you to rest your other hand in one of the nooks to stabilize yourself when pouring that first drink. And at 9” x 5.5”, it’s compacted to fit in your refrigerator. Pour scalding hot water into steep coffee or tea. Or, if it’s a hot day, pop it in the freezer to create ice cold water, juice, or lemonade fast. And while it can handle thermal shock, it is never a good idea to put hot things in your fridge because you ruin the ambient temperature.

Crystal Clear

Even a clear shatter resistant plastic pitcher will eventually warp over time, so choose glass if you want your jug to always shine around the dinner table, or at parties. The Pila Pitcher is Lead Free, naturally BPA Free, 100% Dishwasher Safe, thermo-resistant with a crystalline shine. This JoyJolt glass pitchers come securely bubble-wrapped in a thick box, so any plans for gifting will be success! Affordably priced for this type of quality, It’s an effortless and meaningful gift for anyone who likes to imbibe joy.

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