JoyJolt Italian Moka Pot 3 Cup Stovetop Aluminum Espresso Maker

SKU: JA10105
38 reviews

Size: 3 Cups
Color: Silver
Style: Moka Pot
Sale price$20.95


Great moka pot coffee starts with a pop of joy! You may not be awake until you’ve finished your morning coffee, but with a JoyJolt grecas de café and it’s vibrant ombre colorways, you’ll be wide awake before you even put your espresso on to brew. Available in a range of colors and sizes: 3 cup (5.4oz) or 6 cup (8.2oz) capacity there’s a JoyJolt greca coffee maker with your coffee drinking preferences in mind.


• Manual Espresso Machine. Stove top espresso coffee maker
• Available in 3 or 6 cup capacity Stovetop Percolator
• Choose from pink, black, yellow and blue ombre, or shiny silver
• Heat Resistant Handles, Knobs and Paint
• Suitable for Electric, Gas or Ceramic Cooktops and Fireside as a Camp Coffee Maker
• Espresso Coffee Maker Features Premium Pressure Release Valve
• Made from Food Safe Aluminum



Great Coffee Starts with A Pop of Joy!

Wake up BEFORE your first cup is brewed with a burst of color from the JoyJolt Italian Moka stove top percolator coffee pot! Choose the Heat Resistant Ombre Colorway you love most, select 3 or 6 cups capacity (we have both!) and add a splash of color to your morning brew.

Is There Such a Thing As Too Much Coffee?

The JoyJolt Italian Moka Coffee Pot is available in a moka pot 3 cup size (5.4oz total) or 6 cup (8.6oz). But don’t let us restrict your consumption! If you love BIG coffee, go ahead and use this simple coffee maker as a ONE cup coffee maker – strong or weak!

Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Lynn W
Nice Strong Cup of Espresso in Minutes

This little 3 cup moka pot makes two strong shots of espresso in minutes. Made of aluminum, it's very light and easy to clean.

I love my new coffee toy!

Paul D
Home-made Espresso

I have the 6 cup model. Makes a great cup of espresso using Lavazza Brand Espresso. I just hope that it does not pit like all my other pots.


Hubby and I tried using this on our stove and it was phenomenal! We are going to use this in our camping gear for a quick pick me up in the morning! Worked great. Very easy to follow instructions.

Well made!

This is a neat, well made coffee maker. I found the construction of it to be high quality. One would typically use this on the stove top, but my plan is to use it on the wood stove for when the power goes out. Where I live the power goes out quite frequently. I like how it all easily comes apart to clean! I know I will get plenty of use out of this coffee maker!


This little guy is amazing. If you want some hot coffee and don’t have to wait very long this is for you. I was very impressed how it worked ready to pour in minutes. The handle is a little small for my hands but over all it worked really good

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